680 Clay Street San Francisco, CA 94111

Open Hours 11:00am-3:00pm / 5:00pm-10:00pm
Closed Sundays


 =Indicates “Vegan” or “Vegan substitute available”, however, please note that our vegan items are
prepared in the same kitchen and cannot avoid contacting non-vegan ingredients.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Our restaurant offers menu items with soy, wheat, eggs, seafood and shellfish.While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our menu items are safe to customers with food allergies since all our menu items are prepared in the same kitchen.

– YASAI “vegetables” –

Shishito Peppers  5
Lightly fried and coated in a savory bonito & kombu dashi soy glaze. 1 in 10 shishito can be extra spicy!

Hinodeya Salad  8
Half                  5
Mix leaf and red quinoa, topped with wonton and bonito flakes. Served with original Japanese dressing.

– OTSUMAMI “tapas” –

Edamame    4
Izakaya style snap peas snack

Spicy Edamame    5
Spicy and savory. Cooked in hot oil, garlic and bonito & kombu dashi sauce.

Spicy Menma    4
Young bamboo shoots marinated in hot chili oil.

Takowasa    5
Chopped raw octopus marinated in wasabi sauce.

Takoyaki (4pcs)    6
Topped w/okonomi sauce and bonito flakes.

Aburi Chashu    7
Flame torched pork belly full of flavor and fragrance. Garnished with green onions and sriracha.

– OKAZU “side dish” –

Gyoza (5pcs)  7
Pork and chicken dumpling. Served with dashi sauce.

Green Gyoza (5pcs)  7
Vegetables and edamame dumpling. Served with sesame sauce.

Yasai Kara-Age (3pcs)  8
Japanese style fried vegetable mix, such as onion, carrot and kale. Served with sesame sauce.

Fried Oysters (5pcs)  9
Oysters from Hiroshima Japan. Served with special brown sauce.

Crispy Chicken Kara-Age  10
Japanese style fried chicken with black pepper. Served with Matcha salt.

– GOHAN “rice” –

Steamed Rice  2

Brown Rice  2


Hinodeya Ramen (House Ramen)  14
Whole wheat noodle soup with traditional Japanese dashi made from bonito, Kombu, and scallops. Flavored with scallops & pork oil.
Toppings: chashu pork, menma, soft cooked egg*, dried seaweed, green onion, mizuna, sesame seeds & red pepper

Tori Paitan (Chicken Ramen)  16*limited
Whole wheat noodle soup with chicken & pork dashi broth. Scallops are added for flavor. Rich and creamy.
Toppings: chashu chicken, shiitake, soft cooked egg*, dried seaweed, green onion, mizuna, sesame seeds & red pepper

Creamy Ramen  15*limited
Spinach vegan wheat noodle soup with sesame, soy milk, and shiitake dashi broth. Rich and creamy.
Toppings: inari (Fried sweet tofu), fried kale, acorn squash, shiitake, dried seaweed, mizuna, sesame seeds & bell pepper

禅Zen Ramen  15
Whole wheat noodle soup with kombu, shiitake, and white soy sauce dashi broth. Inspired by traditional Japanese shoujin temple techniques.
Toppings: shiitake, dried seaweed, carrots, soy chips, fried kale, mizuna and goji berries

Spicy Miso Ramen Downtown Special  16
Whole wheat noodle soup with original spicy miso taste chicken & pork dashi broth.
Toppings: chashu pork, menma, soft cooked egg*, dried seaweed, green onion, sesame seeds & red pepper Suggested toppings: Tabera (fr ied garlic & onions with c hili oil) on your table.

– Additional Toppings –

Dried Seaweed (4sheets)  1

Menma (Bamboo shoots)  2

Soft Cooked Marinade Egg* (2pcs)  2

Shiitake Mushroom (2pcs)  2

Chashu Pork (3pcs)  4

Chashu Chicken (3pcs)  4


House Sake
170ml bottle served. Hot or Cold  9

上等(Joto) One Cup Sake
200ml cup served. Hot or Cold  9

Choya Original Ume Sparkling
187ml bottle served  9

Unfiltered and Cloudy with subtle rice sweetness, imported from Japan.
300ml by the bottle  14

澪 (Mio) Sparkling Sake
Sparkling sweet sake with a refreshing and fruity aroma, imported from Japan.
300ml by the bottle  15

魔斬(Makiri)Junmai Ginjo
Dry and Sharp finish, imported from Japan.
300ml by the bottle  16


Sequoia 1st sake brewery in San Francisco

Nigori : unfiltered
120ml by the glass  10
375ml by the bottle  29

Nama : draft
120ml by the glass  10
375ml by the bottle  29


From our home town Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Bold and Rich umami of rice

Hinodeya is the only place in San Francisco you can enjoy Shinkame.
Recommended: Room temperature or Lukewarm
120ml by the glass  12
720ml by the bottle  65

文楽(Bunraku)純⽶吟醸 彩 Junmai Ginjo Aya
Fruity, Light & Delicate fragrance with a lingering
Recommended: Cold temparature
300 ml by the bottle  17

純⽶⼤吟醸 Junmai Daiginjo
Faintly sweet and Smooth finish with rich aroma
Recommended: Cold temparature
120ml  by the glass  14
720ml  by the bottle  78


きき酒 Kiki- Sake       10
Experience 3 kinds of Hinodeya’s premium sake
セコイア 生 Sequoia Nama
神亀 Shinkame
文楽 Bunraku


Asahi (アサヒ) Imported from Japan
On tap  7
Pitcher  25

Sapporo (サッポロ)
354ml bottle  6

Kyoto White Yuzu
330ml bottle  6

Kirin ⼀番搾り
354ml bottle  7

Orion (オリオン)
334ml bottle  9

COEDO Beniaka (紅⾚)
333ml bottle  9


Organic Japanese Tea  5
by Roots and Craft Tea Roasters Served Hot or Cold brew
Sencha (Green Tea)
Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea, Low-caffeine)
Mint Sencha (Mint Flavored Green Tea)Roots and Craft bring the finest tea to San Francisco from Miyazaki, Japan. All the tea is organic, single origin, first flush and small batch. Enjoy bright fresh aroma and flavor!

Japanese Soda  3
Calpico Soda
Yuzu Soda
Ume Soda
Sparkling Water


iichiko 40 proof distilled from 100% Barley
30ml shot  3
60ml by the glass  5
200ml by the bottle  15
750ml by the bottle  40

iichiko blend UME / YUZU
30ml shot  3
60ml by the glass  5
375ml by the bottle  19

– WINE –

White wine
“ Nueva ” Chardonnay Carneros highway 2017 Fruity, fresh acid
Light & Smooth casual style chardonnay
by the glass  9
by the bottle  23

Red wine
“ SEGHESIO ” Zinfandel Sonoma 2016 Condensed, fruits forward, soft tannin,
Rich & Complexed
by the glass  12
by the bottle  55

Hinodeya seeks to create something new from a family history of over 130 years in
Japanese cuisine. North of Tokyo, we founded a new ramen bar and began serving DASHI-RAMEN, starting a new wave. Now, we are bringing the flavor revolution to SF
with our chefs and staff straight from Japan to deliver an authentic dining experience.
We wish to share the passion of our dashi-family with you!

C.E.O.  Masao Kuribara

★Food Menu / PDF Download

★Drink Menu / PDF Download