– YASAI “salads” –

Shishito Pepers  5
lightly fried and coated in a savory dashi soy glaze.1 in 10 might be extra spicy !

Hinodeya Salad  8
organic mizuna mix w/ home made vegetable dressing.

– OTSUMAMI tapas” –

Edamame  4
izakaya snap peas snack

Spicy Menma  4
young bamboo shoots in hot chili oil

Cheese Royal  5
deep flavored cream cheese cube marinade w/dashi sauce

Takowasa  5
Chopped raw octopus in a wasabi spice

Aburi Chashu  7
flame torched pork belly full of flavor and fragrance. garnished with green onions & sriracha.

– OKAZU side dish” –

Age-Dashi Fried Tofu  6
coveredin a rich dashi sauce. topped with grated daikon radish & bonito flakes.

 Kara-Age  8
fried juicy bonelesscage freeorganic chicken

Crispy Fried Yam  8
naga-imo potato lightly fried w/sesame sauce

Tebasaki (stewedchicken wings)  8
traditional Japanese braised chicken wings

Oysters Fried  9
from Hiroshima Japan

– GOHAN rice” –

Hotate Small Rice Bowl  5
made with first class Tamanishiki rice


Hinodeya Ramen (House Ramen)  14
w/ traditional Japanese dashi style soup & whole wheat noodles soup made from bonito,kombu & scallop.
toppings: chashu pork,menma, soft cooked marinade egg,dried seaweed & green onion.

Hamaguri Ramen (Clam Ramen)  18 *limited
w/ umami-filled littleneck clams & whole wheat noodles buttery dashi broth with notes of garlic
toppings:green onion and shredded red pepper.

naturally harvested clams cooked in broth, be careful for shells/sand  If there is any issue, please let us know!

Tori Paitan (Chicken Ramen)  15
w/ rich chicken and dashi broth & whole wheat noodles
toppings: braised wing, shitake mushroom,dried seaweed, softcooked marinadeegg, dried seaweed & green onion.

Vegan Ramen  15 *limited
w/ sesame andsoy milk broth& spinach noodles rich and creamy soup.
toppings: tofu veg cake, bell pepper, fried kale, acornsquash, shitake mushroom,green onion.
vegan and non-vegan items prepared using same kitchen and equipment.

– Additional Toppings –

Dried Seaweed (4 sheets)  1
Menma  2
Soft Cooked Marinade Egg (2 pcs)cage free egg  2
Shitake Mushroom  2
Chashu Pork (3 pcs)  4
Braised Wing (2 pcs)  4

– KANMI  sweets” –

Kuro-Goma Ice Cream w/ Granola  6
Hinodeya’s special, unique,super rich&creamy recipethat brings out the true flavor of black sesame

Matcha ice w/Granola  6

Matcha Cappuccino  8
matcha green tea panna cotta w/sweet red bean, green tea agar jelly, vanilla whipped cream & matcha sauce

Seasonal Sweet  8
ask your server for details.


Coffee  3
refill free

Organic Green Tea  4
from shizuoka, japan(no refills)

Barley Tea non-caffeinated  4
from japan(refill free)

– SAKE –

House Sake 170ml  9
Served by hot or cold

Sayuri Nigori little lilyfrom Japan
nigori : unfiltered & cloudy
300ml by the bottle  14

Makiri fisherman’s knifefrom Japan
dry, sharp finish – Junmai ginjo
300ml  by the bottle  16

Tomoju love your friendfrom Japan
light, elegant aroma – Junmai daiginjo
375ml by the bottle   27 

Kiminoi emperor’s wellfrom Japan
complex & fragrant – junmai ginjo
yamahai shikomi


Sequoia 1st sake brewry in San Francisco
Nigori : unfiltered
375ml     by the bottle  29

Nama : draft
375ml     by the bottle  29


from our home town Saitama, Japan 

BUNRAKU East castle”
Junmai Daiginjo

faintly sweet & smooth finish

recommend: cold-room temp.
120ml  by the glass  14
720ml  by the bottle   78


Asahi ( on tap )   7
imported from Japan

Beer Pitcher   25


Sapporo  6 

Sansho  9
Japanese herb ale


Anchor Steam  6

 – N/A Beverages –

Coke  /   Diet Coke  3

Ramune  3

Matcha Ramune  3

Coffee  3

Organic Green Tea  4
From Shizuoka, Japan

Barley Tea  4
Non-caffeinated   From Japan

– WINE –

White glass wine ( chardonnay )  9

Red glass wine ( c. sauvignon )  9


“ Nueva ” Carneros highway 2015  23
( chardonnay ) rich, smooth, full body.


“ Lodi ” Old Vine 2014  25
( zinfandel ) jammy with raspberry,
soft tannins and a supple mouth feel.


Hinodeya seeks to create something new from a family history of over 130 years in
Japanese cuisine. North of Tokyo, we founded a new ramen bar and began serving DASHI-RAMEN, starting a new wave. Now, we are bringing the flavor revolution to SF
with our chefs and staff straight from Japan to deliver an authentic dining experience.
We wish to share the passion of our dashi-family with you!

C.E.O.  Masao Kuribara

★Drink Menu / PDF Download

★Lunch Menu / PDF Download