In 2016 Wafu-Ramen Shop HINODEYA is going to open in San Francisco this summer.
Ten years after the opening of Sasala, the center of Sasala Group, we are preparing for the opening of our fifth dining place Wafu-Ramenv[Japanesy Ramen] the Fourth Generation Hinodeya in San Francisco. This will be our first shop outside Japan in our long history.


It is the greatest pleasure for us to see you smile while you are dining, and to have you feel that the time you have spent at Sasala Group is a satisfying experience.


In 1885, when a new train line was constructed between Omiya and Utsunomiya, Hasuda Station was opened on the route in the eastern part of Saitama Prefecture.


Japanese Restaurant SASALA (JAPAN) , Soba Dining SORA (JAPAN) , Wafu Ramen YONDAIME HINODEYA (JAPAN) , Robata Sumiyaki TORAYA (JAPAN)



“DASHI” is a traditional stock of bonito skipjack tuna (katsuo) and konbu seaweed,
making a broth brimming with umami, the savory fifth taste sensation.
Enjoy a cultural taste of Japan through Ramen.

Hinodeya Ramen (House Ramen)

w/ traditional Japanese dashi style soup & whole wheat noodles soup made from bonito,kombu & scallop.
toppings: chashu pork,menma, soft cooked marinade egg,dried seaweed & green onion.

Hamaguri Ramen (Clam Ramen)

w/ umami-filled littleneck clams & whole wheat noodles
buttery dashi broth with notes of garlic
toppings:green onion and shredded red pepper.

naturally harvested clams cooked in broth, be careful
for shells/sand If there is any issue, please let us know!

Tori Paitan (Chicken Ramen)

w/ rich chicken and dashi broth & whole wheat noodles
toppings: braised wing, shitake mushroom,dried seaweed,
softcooked marinadeegg, dried seaweed & green onion.

Vegan Ramen

w/ sesame andsoy milk broth & spinach noodles
rich and creamy soup.
toppings: tofu veg cake, bell pepper, fried kale, acornsquash,
shitake mushroom,green onion.
vegan and non-vegan items prepared using same kitchen and equipment.